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About "A Yank on the Footy" and the host, Craig Wessels

An American's look at Australian Rules Football #Footy #AFL #USAFL #AFLW

I've fallen head over heels in love with this game, and want to use my podcast as a claxon call for my fellow Americans (and others outside of Australia) to check out what I truly believe is the greatest game on the planet. 

The podcast also affords me the distinct pleasure and opportunity to engage with anyone from footy fans, broadcasters to club personnel, as well as players both in Australia and around the world.

About the Host

Craig Wessels


In 2017, I fell in love with Australian Rules Football. I've been a baseball fan here in the US for over a half century, and footy has supplanted my summer (winter) sports viewing. Footy is, in my opinion, the most dynamic, complete and three-dimensional game on the planet. If you're just discovering the game, I invite you to check out my podcast.