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Great podcast!!!

I think it is a wonderful series and I am a super fan of the content and agree 100% with the point of view with this yank!

An American perspective of Australian rules football from a true fan!

If you give this podcast a chance you won’t regret it. Looking for something different in afl related podcasts, not the same old stuff that gets churned out by ex players, comedians, commentators and so called pundits? This is the afl podcast for you, an afl podcast made by a superfan of Australian rules football in order to share with other fans. The podcast has evolved and improved over its 200 plus episodes due to consistent great listener engagement and dedication to get bigger and better. Weekly analysis and previews of each round of games in season and the biggest highlight for me regular interview episodes all year round with fellow fans and all sorts of people that have a connection to the game all with great stories to tell. The host Craig Wessels is an independent podcaster compelled to create and maintain this podcast as a labour of love, and it shows, the passion, appreciation and respect for Australian rules football and all those involved is genuine and in no way a gimmick. Always a great listen, I recommend new listeners go back and listen to some of the early episodes where Craig talks about how he discovered and fell in love with the game and what he discovered when he went down the rabbit hole of Australian rules football fandom, plus many great interview episodes all the way along. I’ve noticed all the guests interviewed by Craig have a great time being interviewed and the draw out great some stories. This podcast is highly recommended and really deserves a bigger audience, a little known gem, loved by every listener lucky enough to discover it. Do yourself a favour an give it a try!

One of the best AFL/ Australian rules podcasts, period!

What can I say in addition to all the other great words expressed in the other 5 stars reviews? The host Craig Wessels is a super fan of Australian rules football who is able to channel his passion and skill into to creating a truly great and unique AFL/ footy podcast. Apart from the insights provided from his unique american perspective on Australia's premier sport he has fantastic listener appreciation and engagement and as it turns out is a skilled interviewer. For anyone wanting to check out this show check out some of the early episodes where Craig explains his love of the game and his early investigations into the history of it. Many great interviews too many to mention. Came for the AFL content, stayed for the top notch interviews and listener engagement! This podcast deserves way more recognition, currently still a well kept secret but hopefully not for much longer!!

A truely unbiased (sort of) view of AFL

Craig has such a different perspective of the game we all love. Such passion from someone who grew up supporting different sports and fell in love with AFL later in his life. His interviews are well prepared and the guests are not your normal AFL fan podcast guests. Worth a listen even if he supports Geelong.

A refreshingly different and unique perspective on australian rules football by a super fan that's only been following the game for a few years in a country where AFL is barely even been heard of let alone played. Instead of the usual banal unfunny banter you hear on many AFL podcasts, on this podcast you get polite speculation and rhetorical questions inviting listeners to contribute and give feedback as the host raves and marvels at the greatest and most dynamic team sport in the world played by the greatest athletes in the world in front of some of biggest crowds in the biggest stadiums! I encourage everyone to listen and give feedback and help this Yank on his journey to learning more about the game and fully appreciate it's greatness.

Good stuff

Great podcast, consistent with analysis and content, but above all- extremely listenable. Keep it up from a cats fan in geelong

This needs to be one of your go-to pods

Craig has a great passion for footy. You can tell how much research Craig has done for every episode, and it results in a great show. Whether you want unique takes on the game or insights into some of footy's most interesting characters, this is the podcast for you. Well done, Craig!


Great podcast for an American novice or a seasoned Aussie! Craig has a passion for the sport!

M from Sydney.

Obviously a Swans supporter here. Love your work. Love that you, an American loves our game. Keep up the great work.

A Yank’s Footy Journey

I love Craig Wessels. I don’t know if footy is his escape from being a long-suffering Cleveland sports fan or he’s just having a mid-life crisis, but this public school teacher by day becomes a Geelong super-barracker in the wee hours of the night. That said, he is a huge supporter of all footy, including AFL, AFLW and USAFL. I don’t know where he finds the time for it all, but I’m glad he does.

Great AFL podcast

Craig doesn’t just focus on his beloved Cats, he touches on all that’s going on in the AFL and his passion for the sport comes through loud and clear. Great Aussie rules podcast that is informative and a fun listen.

Great Listen

In real life I am suspicious of cats so it makes sense I guess that in AFL terms people who barrack for Geelong make me edgy. Craig won me over with the mea culpa episode. I am a 23 year member of the Dogs, no idea what it is like to support a club like Geelong. I do however know the feeling of this is going to be a tough match. No Dog supporter would ever be mad at a fellow supporter for doubting the club. In fact when I first started to support the Dogs an old timer yelled at me for saying we can win this week. When the Dogs lost it was my fault. Despite the tremendous cultural differences between Cats and Dogs supporters Craig is one of the good ones so have a listen.

Great Footy Pod from a fellow American

I recently became a Roo supporter & was told to listen to this podcast. After a couple episodes of listening to Craig it helps me learn about my new favorite sport! Keep it up mate


Love hearing from another footy following American!!! Each show is full of not only great footy info but has great insight!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Fun and informative

Craig is knowledgeable, passionate and entertaining in his show. The mix of interviews and his in depth knowledge keep the show really interesting. Keep it up Craig!

Matt from Oz

Great well researched interview with his guests about Australian Rules. For someone that has followed the game from the US for just over 4 years . He knows more about the history and what’s happening with the game than most Australians. Highly recommend

Kicking Goals

A great listen for anyone who shares a passion for Aussie rules football. As a long time player/fan it’s fascinating to hear from someone who is relatively new to the sport and their take on things. Would also be excellent for anyone else who’s always been curious and would like to get into the great game

Great Podcast !

This already seems like a great podcast and i cant wait to see the guests and future epsiodes that are in store. This is not only great for the growth of the leauge outside of Australia but also continuing to build the connection between AUS and USA. Keep up the good work