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A refreshingly different and unique perspective on australian rules football by a super fan that's only been following the game for a few years in a country where AFL is barely even been heard of let alone played. Instead of the usual banal unfunny banter you hear on many AFL podcasts, on this podc…

Good stuff

Great podcast, consistent with analysis and content, but above all- extremely listenable. Keep it up from a cats fan in geelong


Great podcast for an American novice or a seasoned Aussie! Craig has a passion for the sport!

A Yank’s Footy Journey

I love Craig Wessels. I don’t know if footy is his escape from being a long-suffering Cleveland sports fan or he’s just having a mid-life crisis, but this public school teacher by day becomes a Geelong super-barracker in the wee hours of the night. That said, he is a huge supporter of all footy, in…

Great AFL podcast

Craig doesn’t just focus on his beloved Cats, he touches on all that’s going on in the AFL and his passion for the sport comes through loud and clear. Great Aussie rules podcast that is informative and a fun listen.

Great Listen

In real life I am suspicious of cats so it makes sense I guess that in AFL terms people who barrack for Geelong make me edgy. Craig won me over with the mea culpa episode. I am a 23 year member of the Dogs, no idea what it is like to support a club like Geelong. I do however know the feeling of t…

Great Footy Pod from a fellow American

I recently became a Roo supporter & was told to listen to this podcast. After a couple episodes of listening to Craig it helps me learn about my new favorite sport! Keep it up mate


Love hearing from another footy following American!!! Each show is full of not only great footy info but has great insight!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Fun and informative

Craig is knowledgeable, passionate and entertaining in his show. The mix of interviews and his in depth knowledge keep the show really interesting. Keep it up Craig!