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April 5, 2021

Easter Weekend....a great round of footy - LIVE Episode Tuesday 10 p.m. Melbourne time

Hello everyone,

We had a terrific weekend of footy, with some close contests, some shocks, and some absolute demolitions.  Looking forward to talking about the games with you tonight at 10:00 Melbourne time, 8 a.m. east coast time here in the U.S.  If you want to join the podcast, follow the link at the bottom of this blog post.  I'd love to chat some footy with as many of you as I possibly can, so if you want to join the discussion, all you'll need to do (after you join the live episode) is to put your email address (along with your name) on the discussion board.  I'll then be able to send you a direct link to join the audio on the podcast.  A big help will be  the use of some earbuds or headphones through your phone or computer.  

Pretty crappy weekend at my house, in fact, not great news in my own personal life, but everyone is healthy, but I'm still pretty frustrated.  If you haven't seen my posts on Twitter or FB, you'll already have an idea of what I'm referencing.  I'll dig into it in the opening of the episode.  

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Live Episode Link

I look forward to chatting with you in the morning!